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Qubits Toy

Qubits Toy Golden Polyhedra Lesson Plan

Qubits Toy Golden Polyhedra Lesson Plan

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Boredom Buster! ---- Learn about polyhedrons at home!

This PDF product represents our companies effort to provide a couple of hours of hands-on activity for students everywhere. Learn while to cut and construct! 

Included in our exercise are the Cuboctahedron and the Icosidodecahedron. These shapes were invented in 214 bc by Archimedes. Taking his discovery further led us to uncover 5 other interesting new polyhedrons that have never been published. This document shows you how to construct these 'NEW' polyhedrons. This is a digital download (PDF) that you print out for constructing the shapes shown. You are not buying the finished shapes.  If you enjoy this exercise we ask you to share it with friends and family.

Please also share photos of what you built and we can share it on our Twitter account. @Qubits_Toy

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We bought this for our 6 year old grandson. Would give it more stars if I could.


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