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500 pcs BULK STEM KIT for Classrooms

500 pcs BULK STEM KIT for Classrooms

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500 pcs Bulk STEM Kit for Classrooms - The Ultimate Group Building Experience

Overview: The 500 pcs Bulk STEM Kit for Classrooms is Qubits Toy's most extensive set, specially curated to cater to a whole classroom's creative and educational needs. It's an ideal resource for teachers and educators looking to inspire a collaborative and immersive STEM learning environment. It weights 12 lbs.

Key Features:

  • A massive collection of 500 Qubits® pieces, allowing multiple students to build simultaneously.
  • Encourages teamwork and collaboration among students as they work on shared projects.
  • Versatile enough to create a wide variety of large-scale structures and intricate designs.

Educational Benefits:

  • A hands-on approach to learning STEM concepts, including geometry, physics, and engineering principles.
  • Enhances critical thinking, spatial reasoning, and problem-solving skills in a group setting.
  • Supports curriculum objectives for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education. Supplements Common Core Standards.

Recommended Age Range: Perfect for elementary to middle school students, offering a range of complexities to challenge various age groups and skill levels.

Materials and Safety:

  • Made with high-quality, durable materials safe for classroom use.
  • Complies with strict safety standards, ensuring a secure environment for young builders. Same durable and safe plastic as Milk Jugs.

Usage Instructions:

  • The kit is designed for open-ended exploration, encouraging students to experiment and innovate.
  • Comes with instructional sheets for basic and advanced structures, suitable for different learning stages. Additional Free PDF lesson Plans are available.

Size and Dimensions:

  • The bulk kit provides a substantial quantity of pieces for large group activities.
  • Easy to store and manage in a classroom setting, with pieces that are simple to clean and maintain. Will fit in a school standard 10 gallon storage tub.

Additional Information:

  • Ideal for integrating into STEM curriculum, after-school programs, and science clubs.
  • A valuable tool for fostering teamwork, communication, and creativity in an educational setting.

Why Choose the 500 pcs Bulk STEM Kit for Classrooms:

  • This set is not just a toy collection; it's a comprehensive educational tool that brings STEM concepts to life.
  • It offers a unique opportunity for students to learn, explore, and collaborate, making it an invaluable addition to any classroom.
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We bought this for our 6 year old grandson. Would give it more stars if I could.


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