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Qubits Toy

25pcs STEM Building KIT

25pcs STEM Building KIT

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100% Made in the USA - North Carolina

Overview: The Qubits® 25 pcs. Kit is the most economical kit we sell, offering the same limitless building potential in a single, small GIFT SIZE convenient package. It's designed for young minds fascinated by engineering, architecture, and design.

Key Features:

  • 25 versatile Qubits® pieces
  • Great for car trips, giving the kids something to play with in the back seat.
  • Compatible with other Qubits® sets for expanded building opportunities.

Educational Benefits:

  • Promotes an understanding of basic and advanced principles of architecture and engineering.
  • Encourages spatial awareness, critical thinking, and artistic expression.
  • Suitable for use in educational settings such as classrooms, STEM workshops, or at home.

Recommended Age Range: Ideal for children aged 6 and up, providing an engaging challenge that grows with their skills and imagination.

Materials and Safety:

  • Constructed from durable, child-safe materials. Same Plastic as Milk Jugs. It bends and it will not break.
  • Meets all relevant CPSA safety standards for a worry-free play experience.

Usage Instructions:

  • The kit encourages exploratory and open-ended play, allowing children to create their own designs.
  • Detailed instruction sheet included for beginners to get started with building various structures. You can add the FREE PDF instructions to your order.

Additional Information:

  • The multi-color pieces adds a vibrant touch to creations, stimulating visual interest and creativity. Study color theory.
  • A perfect choice for parents and educators looking to inspire a love of science and engineering in children.

Why Choose the Qubits 25 pcs. Kit?:

  • This kit combines convenience with educational value, making it a versatile choice for both casual play and serious learning.
  • It's an excellent way to introduce children to the basics of design and engineering, fostering a love for STEM subjects in a fun and interactive way.
  • We understand that you have never seen Qubits® - this allows you to experience them at the lowest price possible.
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We bought this for our 6 year old grandson. Would give it more stars if I could.


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