AI Games and Instructions

 Here are some AI applications, several allow for a Qubits Building Experience with AI. These custom GPT are still in their infancy but they still operate in an interesting way.

Remember send us any successful builds you can come up with to Twitter @Qubits_Toy or Email

Qubits Builder Draw Qubits with Python Code 
Qubits STEM Guide It's like a teacher for the teacher with Qubits
Qubits® Toy News Our most popular GPT -  It writes a 250 word Newspaper style story about any topic. PLUS it delivers a graphic.

On this web page we offer links to Custom Chat GPT applications that address several of Qubits strong points. If you use Chat GPT4+ try them out and let us know your results.
You can tweet us at @Qubits_Toy or email us at
Here is our most popular application that makes it a game to build things with Qubits for the AI to recognize via a photo from the smart phone.
RULES: The game we created is called “Build or Baffle” it is based on the idea of building things (2D or 3D) with Qubits Building Set pieces, the pieces don’t have to connect properly, be creative, then take a photo and upload it to Chat so that it can guess what you created. There is a point system, 1 point for a correct guess, and zero points for a wrong guess. You can venture a “hint” for the item that was guessed incorrectly, but if the hint does not work then you are penalized -1 point. The goal is for the player and Chat to work together to achieve 3 points. - Ages 6+ 

An inventive and interactive game that encourages both creativity and collaborative problem-solving between players and Chat. "Build or Baffle" combines physical play with digital interaction, which is a unique approach appealing to a wide range of players.