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We did it! --- Actually THEY did it!

Mark Burginger

The Stem Academy worked for three days to build the parts necessary to construct a huge tower! - The Stem Academy is located at Wadsworth Elementary School and the Tower was built in the cafeteria where the ceiling height is 20ft. - During Dr. Seuss Night we worked together during the night of the event so that we would be able to break the tower record made by Lincoln Logs. That measure was 12'-4". Well at 7:30 that night we called out our measurement and came up with 14'-1". The City Engineer for Palm Coast, FL was there to officiate. What a great moment caught on camera. The next day the kids and teacher of the year - Martin Evans, continued to build on the tower and they finally reached 17' - 5". Unofficially, that tower stayed in place and was dismantled the next day, put into the boxes and ready for it's next event. 175 lbs of plastic parts. Perhaps a bridge next time? STEM ROCKS! 


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