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Our family business was shown on ABC Shark Tank on Feb. 6th 2010. That was the first big exposure for Qubits building toys. My Dad a former member of the USAF, and holding a degree in Architecture, created the toys to permit children to build with a toy that was different, able to create 3D engineered structures that are stronger, bigger and more flexible than simple old fashioned Brick Toys.

Let's review what happened on the show.

Will the Sharks bite? Our family has been working out of our garage, and we are concerned about startup debt and the ability to further grow the business.

Qubits Shark Tank Recap

Next Kevin O'Leary asked for the sales numbers. He wants to know how much our family has been able to sell. The Sharks aren't impressed with our $8,000 in sales. To be fair we only recently started selling on e-commerce from our own website, so the numbers were very small. Kevin O'Leary said the market is already dominated by construction toy giant, Lego. Kevin O'Leary strongly advised that Qubits® needs to pursue a big money deal with one of the Big Four toy companies. Without a big toy company deal on the table, O'Leary saw no investment opportunity. Without a big toy company, he opted out. Robert Herjavec advised my Dad that he's “wasting his time”  He's was the next Shark who declined to make an investment.

Robert Herjavec says Qubits is a waste of time

Mark Burginger accepting deal with Daymond John
* Qubits Shark Tank Update after Airing on Feb 6 2010

Despite John's connections and support, Qubits® was not able to reach a deal with any of the four toy manufacturers. The deal with John didn't conclude since it was a contingency but he did remain in contact. John became an online mentor to my Dad, who was later able to strike a deal of his own with a small toy company called Discovery Toys. He did that deal a year later, 2011. Discovery Toys is a toy distributor with an (AVON) style home-party business model. The deal proved very successful, and Discovery Toys gave our family the platform we needed to bring Qubits into the public eye. Sales soared after that.

Today, Qubits remains a family business, with a healthy sales record right here on Shopify and on Amazon where we are an AMAZON CHOICE product. Having a Shark Tank deal fall apart was not the end of Qubits. With dedication and hard work, our family was able to become a success. 

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