Play with BING Chat GPT -AND- Qubits Toy

Play with BING Chat GPT -AND- Qubits Toy

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Do you want to have fun with Qubits and Microsoft Bing? We have created a family game that you can play online or offline. All you need are some Qubits building pieces and a device that can access Bing chat.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to enjoy an AI-powered game. We have made a free game engine that you can use with Bing chat. It’s called “Qubits Build or Baffle”.

How to play: It’s very simple. Just go to our website or download the PDF and copy and paste the game engine into the chat window. Bing will tell you that it is ready to play with you.

Then, use your Qubits to build something that you can recognize. It can be anything: an animal, a vehicle, a shape, etc. Take a clear photo of your creation and upload it to the chat. Bing will try to guess what you made.

If Bing guesses correctly, you get a point. If not, you can give it a hint. But be careful, if the hint doesn’t help, you lose a point. When you to get three points you finish the timed round. BING plays in cooperation with you, not against you. It is a cooperative effort and not a threatening competition.

While you play, Bing will also share some interesting and educational facts about your creations. You will learn more about math, geometry, science, and more. This game is great for home school, public school, or STEM academies.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your Qubits and join Bing for a game of “Qubits Build or Baffle”. You will have a blast and learn something new at the same time. Have fun!

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