Photo of a workbench with Qubits on it

ALL ABOUT STEM Radio Interview with Qubits Inventors, Lisa and Mark


Watch and listen to this in-depth interview of the Qubits Creators as Dr. Mary Payton - ALL ABOUT STEM dives into their 12-year history.

Dr. Mary Payton is a science and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) education professional who has taught throughout the United States and internationally. She returned to STEM education after a successful 29-year military career as a Chemical Officer. After retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel, Dr. Payton and her two sons returned to her home in Texas to teach science. She has been honored for her performance as a STEM educator in the areas of Robotics and Engineering. Due to military families relocating about every three years, Dr. Payton exposed her sons to STEM at every duty station.

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