Qubits Toy tests Tag-a-long Racer at MakersFaire Orlando

Whenever we make a new construction we enjoy sharing it with customers directly. The weather on Saturday held up for our third MakersFaire in Orlando. It didn't rain until the late afternoon allowing for many lawn races with the small vehicles made with Qubits Toy parts. We were encouraged by many parents that this would be a project of great interest for their families. We plan to post instructions and kit parts soon. The larger Qubits Racer would require three of the boxed kits, so it represents a large project. Those solid wheels take up 36 Qubits pieces per wheel! We are also working on smaller wheels that will allow for a Mini-Racer. All racers have been zip tied (4") for durability. Here are some pictures from the (1) day event, second day rained and all cars were in disrepair from the full day of racing.