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  • 500 pcs STEM KIT - Qubits Toy, Qubits STEM - Construction Toy, Qubits Toy - Qubits Toy, Qubits Toy - Qubits Construction Toy
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Qubits Toy

500 pcs STEM KIT

Regular price $400.00 USD
Regular price $500.00 USD Sale price $400.00 USD
15 pounds of hands-on learning fun for your STEM Academy, Makerspace, Library or Amazing Classroom!

    • Kit includes 500 pieces!
    • DELIVERED IN a plastic wrapped package
    • DELIVERED IN 10 INDIVIDUAL 50 piece reusable clam shell packages

  • Adequate pieces for 30 students. Building ideas on instructions are appropriate for children ages 5 and up. Even adults enjoy the challenges.
  • Design a 10 ft tall tower, perfect for team building STEAM/STEM subjects
  • Enough pieces to build a bridge across the entire classroom!
  • Comes with Example/Instruction Sheet to get the ideas started.
  • LOTS of PDF downloads online
  • Free online or telephone support for any question. Email