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 Qubits® ,STEM and your Classroom - How do we connect?

There is a new acronym - it is called STEM - which stands for Science • Technology • Engineering • Math - The goal of the program is to get these subjects into a physical curricula that will Inspire and Motivate students to explore the technical professions. STEM can also morph into STEAM, which adds A for Art to the list of necessary talents a child should study.

So how does Qubits see itself as a STEM or STEAM toy?

The basis for the toy comes from studies completed at the University of Arizona - Department of Architecture. At that time the compact modular building unit was presented as a construction solution for a South Pole Research Station. The design won the National technical award from the US Judging Committee. Years after that, Mark became a registered architect in the State of California, working on dozens of beautiful projects in Southern California. Then as parents, Lisa and Mark decided to turn the patented geometry into a children's toy. The structural system is extremely stable and strong and it can construct functioning pieces of sculpture or design that won't disassemble on impact if you add zip-tie connectors. For example the Qubits Car shown above takes about 400 pieces and it weighs 6 lbs. - it can be towed behind a bike at 35 MPH! The Drone can climb 300+ ft into the air and it is registered with the FAA. Towers of many different types can be constructed with Qubits. You can build bridges that are self supporting or if you add string to the design you can make a suspension bridge! We even built a windmill that could generate electricity! Of course we don't have specific instructions for all those ideas, but our Facebook is a great way to keep up with new ideas and the latest developments for this toy. There are several teachers who are currently developing advanced curriculum for Qubits. It's a Maker Toy for sure. 

So besides those real world applications for Qubits, you as a parent should know that that as a Manipulative, Qubits will also entertain children safely down to the age of 4. 

Connect & reconnect Qubits® pieces for endless construction possibilities!
Invite your child to think and design big! Invented by a California Architect, Qubits are modeled after the hexagonal building blocks of nature, offering a keen awareness of shapes, modular patterns and structural engineering. Young architects can assemble the structural girder like pieces into an endless array of shapes and geometric structures. Qubits' unique building system offers practice in math skills related to positioning, patterns, spatial reasoning and logical thinking. 


Discover the modular geometry found in nature;
Strengthen small motor dexterity and hand-eye coordination;
Enjoy imaginative play;
Develop math skills related to counting, spatial reasoning and logical thinking as system allows children to build in different directions;
Explore positional concepts: on, under, near, next to;
Sort, count, and connect shapes in a variety of ways;
Foster creativity with open-ended building possibilities;
Build confidence as pieces are easy for small hands to hold, connect and take apart for construction success!

Feature #1 : Motor Skills, Thinking Skills, Math, Expression.
Feature #2 : Developed By An Engineer For Maximum Learning Fun.
Feature #3: Discover The Modular Geometry Found In Nature.
Feature #4: Strengthen Small Motor Dexterity And Hand-eye Coordination.
Feature #5: Develop Math Skills Related To Counting, Spatial Reasoning And Logical