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What did we do after seeing art/design classes taken away from elementary schools?
This small parent owned company sat down and created a way to teach design with a toy. That toy is a Shark Tank building toy called Qubits® - an easy to assemble, snap together toy that teaches about modular design and geometric shapes. Mark's background as a registered architect and Lisa's design backkground led them to make a design/science toy that mimics the structure found in nature with its triangulated system. Qubits® toy lets kids know that geometry can be fun, artistic, colorful and challenging. Qubits® is also useful to older age groups when applied to middle school projects involving STEM activities and ROBOTICS! Semi permanent and quite strong contraptions can be built. It uses your imagination for power.
Build Big Fast! - Look below for a picture of a 14' tall Qubits Tower! 
Qubits are a Construction Toy alternative that not only helps your child understand modular design and geometric shapes, but are fun as well.  Qubits are easily assembled and have the ability to create a variety of absolutely AMAZING shapes. Qubits are unique in the way that they assemble with the use of just (2) different shapes!  It is a lesson in modular forms. Plus they are compatible with Lego, K'nex, SuperStruts, Hot Wheels, and many others allowing you to build combo structures. Good toys play together!
Fuel your imagination with these connection pieces.  Everyone can play with this toy because there is no limit to what can be made.  The Qubits toy is strong and can be played with by sending it down a slope, stairway or just tossing it across the carpet to see it roll. Build a bridge across the countertops in your kitchen, the challenges are endless.
STEM = Science, Technology, Engineering and Math  
STEAM = STEM with Art added to the curriculum. 
                Take a peek at the ABC Shark Tank episode we appeared on:
                                        Feb. 2010 1st Season Finale Episode

We are going to set a Guinness World record by building a tower 17ft. tall at a local STEM school.

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