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500 PIECE Super Colossal Classroom STEM Bundle - Qubits Toy, Qubits STEM - Construction Toy, Qubits Toy - Qubits Toy, Qubits Toy - Qubits Construction Toy

Qubits Toy

500 PIECE Super Colossal Classroom STEM Bundle

500 PIECE Super Colossal Classroom STEM Bundle



Enough Qubits to fill a 10 Gal. Storage Container with 10 pounds of hands-on learning fun for your STEM Academy, Makerspace, Library or Amazing Classroom !
Schools with Purchase Orders can contact us via our Contact Page
  • Kit includes (6) - 84 piece kits -- 500 pieces!
  • Save $100 when you buy the Colossal vs buying individual kits on Amazon.
  • Adequate pieces for 30 students. Building ideas on instructions are appropriate for children ages 5 and up. Even adults enjoy the challenges.
  • The Reusable plastic storage container shown in photo is NOT included. It must be ordered separately or just use one that you might already have. This collection will fit in one standard 10 Gal. container when loose.
  • Design a 10 ft tall tower, perfect for team building STEAM/STEM subjects
  • Enough pieces to build a bridge across the entire classroom!
  • Comes with Example/Instructions to get the ideas started.
  • NOTE: This comes in a 12'x12"x12" Cardboard box for economical shipping.